December 15, 2014

Dear Friends of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts:

Would you please consider making a donation to ACTA this year – even a dollar?  Many people giving small amounts of money can make a huge difference in keeping our diverse cultural traditions thriving in California.

As the staff and board of ACTA, we’ve made our personal contributions this year, and want to ask you to join us in helping grow our number of individual donors.

We’ve put together a video to introduce some of the people – traditional artists from around the state – that the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) works to support and advocate for every day.

We are grateful for the experiences where we can witness first-hand how the folk and traditional arts provide a pathway to belonging in our diverse communities; how they help us heal from trauma; how they give us cultural pride and a source of identity; and more than that, are a profound way to bring beauty into our daily lives.

Please help us continue this important work.  Make a donation.  Anything will do.

Donate online or send a check to: 1245 Van Ness Avenue Fresno CA 93721.

Please ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same –


Thank you in advance for your support and goodwill. Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the ACTA staff and board,

Amy Kitchener             Daniel Sheehy
Executive Director      President