November 15, 2012

Friends of ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program:

As you know, our economy puts increased stress on our ability to support traditional art forms, often the last to be considered in private and public arts funding.  In the past 5 years, ACTA has been forced to reduce the number of awards for the Apprenticeship Program from 24 in 2009, to 23 in 2010, to 21 in 2011, to 17 in 2012.  While these numbers dwindle, the number of qualified master artists and apprentice applicants continue to increase.  This year, ACTA has funding to support only 15 Master/Apprentice pairs.

Support from this program was so important to our success and many other Master/Apprentices.  We hope that you will join with other Masters, Apprentices, and their families and friends to support just two additional Master/Apprentice pairs in 2013.   The immediate goal is to raise money for two $3,000 awards (a total of $6,000) to have an equal number to the 17 pairs that were funded last year.  We have each donated $10 or more and ask that you do the same.  The ultimate goal for 2013 is to raise enough money to get the program back to the 24 pairs we supported in 2009.  To donate to this campaign, go to:

Please show your support by also passing this message on to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you.

Master Artist Jennifer Bates
Miwok Basket Weaver
Tuolumne Me-Wul Rancheria, Tuolumne, CA

Master Artist Patricia Montgomery  
African American Quilter
Oakland, CA

Master Artist Corey Chan
Chinese Lion Dance and Lion Head Contruction
San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Bates with her apprentice Jeri Scambler holding the basket Jeri made during their apprenticeship.