December 2, 2011

Creating the Second Quilt


Patricia A. Montgomery & Helen Anderson

 quilt image one


            Helen shared the following West African Adinka symbols and meanings for this quilt that symbolized her spirituality. The first symbol she selects was Nyame Dua is a sacred spot where rituals are performed. She enlarged the symbol and used left over block from her first quilt. These blocks were made out of West African fabric. The other symbol that is a part of her altar design is the Gye Nyame which is a popular and use in decoration, a reflection of the deeply religious character of the Ghanaian people. The last symbol used is the Nyame Nti that represents the symbol of faith. This stalk is depicted as the staff of life in many cultures. Helen uses the Nyame Nti symbol to frame her altar. The hand represents the reaching spirit of the individual towards the altar. This composition is rich in color and texture through the use of embellishment and decorative stitches.



image two

 Detail view of the Altar


image three



image 4

Embellishment View