Inside the WasabiKai Studio
West African Traditional Djembe and Dunun
Oaxacan music
Intercultural performance and gathering
Mexican American altars
Indian classical music
Reflections from ACTA Apprentice Mary Alfaro
On June 12, ACTA’s Reentry through the Arts program, Son De Libertad, will present a community celebration led by the Afro-Colombian percussion class at Homeboy Industries. The instructors and students will celebrate the culminating class day with a community jam session, and we’d love to see you there!…
Learn how to access arts funding with confidence at our upcoming Traditional Arts Roundtable Series event! Meet and hear from a panel of local and statewide California funders offering cultural arts grants and funding opportunities for organizations and individual artists: the California Arts Council, the Los Angeles County…
On April 17, 2019, ACTA will be offering a special Traditional Arts Roundtable Series event in Los Angeles as part of REMAP: LA Cultural Equity Summit. Organized by ArtChangeUS with support from ACTA and other core partners, the Cultural Equity Summit will gather cultural leaders,…