2018 ACTA Apprenticeship pair Maggie Peters (L; Yurok) and Nelia Marshall (R; Hupa) in a forest near Humboldt Bay, gathering materials to use in the crafting of Karuk/Yurok/Hupa baby baskets. Photo: Shweta Saraswat/ACTA.

ACTA Funding Info Session: Yurok Tribal TANF

Learn about funding opportunities from ACTA staff

Event Information

November 18, 2019

2:00 pm

Libby Haripop Nix Community Center

2301 California 96, Weitchpec, CA 95546

Yurok Tribal TANF



Contact Information

Jennifer Jameson, Program Manager
(760) 805-8002

Meet with ACTA Program Manager Jennifer Jameson at the Yurok Tribal TANF in Humboldt County to learn about funding opportunities available to traditional artists and traditional arts organizations in California. Hear about ACTA’s $3,000 Apprenticeship award, which supports close one-on-one learning between a mentoring artist and an apprentice, as well as ACTA’s $5,000 Living Cultures grant, which supports traditional arts projects at non-profit organizations.

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