Mountain Maidu Basketry

William Harrison - Posted on 27 March 2012

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I am excited to share I have completed my second basket! A bowl made of willow and red bud, please see pictures. This will be my final entry for the ACTA apprenticeship blog. Ennis and I have really enjoyed our time working together for the duration of a little over a year. I have learned a lot about basketry and our Maidu heritage. One important lesson I learned was basketry takes time and a lot of patience. Let me emphasize a lot of time and patience! Sometimes, I would get frustrated and find myself "cussing and weaving" as we jokingly referred to it. But I also found immense joy and satisfaction in the entire process, from gathering to giving the basket away. Before beginning my apprenticeship, I totally underestimated the time, dedication, and patience involved. I have a new appreciation and respect for the process in the creation of a basket. I understand more why basket weaving is becoming more rare as the fast paced technology driven world we live in does not foster a healthy environment for weaving, and more importantly new weavers. Ennis and I would like to thank ACTA for providing us with this important opportunity.

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