James Irvine Foundation Releases Study: Cultural Engagement in California's Inland Regions

ACTA - Posted on 26 November 2008

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In October 2008, the James Irvine Foundation published their research concerning cultural engagement in California's inland regions.  Irvine commissioned WolfBrown and the Alliance for California Traditional Arts to investigate patterns of cultural engagement in the San Joaquin Valley and the Inland Empire.  These two rapidly growing, ethnically diverse regions of California have a combined population of nearly eight million people.  The study surveyed more than 6,000 people and uncovered a range of cultural activity in music, theater and drama, reading and writing, dance, and visual arts and crafts — much of which occurs off the radar of the traditional infrastructure of nonprofit arts organizations and facilities.

In commissioning this research, the James Irvine Foundation aims to develop a broader, more inclusive definition of cultural engagement; to take stock of patterns of engagement in the two regions; and to gain a sense of how it might support culture in these areas more equitably and more effectively.  Study results paint a detailed picture of cultural engagement and suggest new opportunities for cultural service providers and funders.

The study is available is publicly available and can be downloaded for free from the James Irvine Foundation's website.

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