Center for Cultural Innovation

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Organization Description: 
Promoting knowledge sharing, networking, and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs.

The Center for Cultural Inovation (CCI) provides business training, grants and loans, and incubation of innovative projects that create new program knowledge, tools, and practices for artists in the field.

CCI's Investing in Artists program is designed to enhance the working lives and creative environment for California artists by funding tools and artistic innovation that will allow them to create their best work more consistently, and distribute that work more broadly to new audiences. Investing in Artists provides grants up to $10,000 in two funding categories: 1) Grants for Artistic Equipment and Tools; and 2) Grants for Artistic Innovation.

CCI's ARC (Artists' Resource for Completion) grants, formerly housed at the Durfee Foundation, provide rapid, short-term assistance to individual artists in Los Angeles County who wish to enhance work for a specific, imminent opportunity that may significantly benefit their careers. Artists in any discipline are eligible to apply. The applicant must already have secured an invitation from an established arts organization to present the proposed work. The work must be scheduled for presentation within six months of the application deadline.