ACTA Amongst New Cohort of Community Leadership Project Grantees

Amy Lawrence - Posted on 12 January 2010

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Logo for the Community Leadership ProjectLast month, The Packard, Irvine and Hewlett Foundations announced $4.25 million in a second and final round of grants for the Community Leadership Project.  This round of grants brings to $10 million the Packard, Irvine, and Hewlett foundations’ total contributions to this important work, $2 million more than was originally envisioned when this project to bolster grassroots groups led by or serving low-income people and communities of color was launched in spring 2009.

In this second round eighteen additional intermediary organizations were selected to distribute grants, provide technical assistance, or offer leadership programs to grassroots organizations that serve the targeted communities in the three regions the project is serving: the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Coast and the San Joaquin Valley. According to the foundations, “The organizations selected to administer Community Leadership Project grants demonstrated a deep knowledge of the grassroots organizations in the regions they serve. Attention now turns to their selection of the grassroots organizations.”

With this new round of grants there are a total of 27 intermediaries that will reach more than: 100 grassroots organizations with general operating support or grants to build capacity; 300 grassroots organizations with various forms of technical assistance; and 500 individual executives and emerging leaders with a variety of leadership training.

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts will make grants to seven organizations in the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast through an open competitive process.  The grants will provide operating support for organizations working in the folk & traditional arts up to $10,000 per year, along with other forms of training and development opportunities. Please look for more information regarding this program to be posted on ACTA’s website in early Spring 2010. 

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